Natural herbal infusions.
Just like they should be.


Just like all kids from the 90s, we were raised with the belief that the world was divided into two major forces: Iced Tea Lemon & Iced Tea Peach.

Now that we have grown up, we are super happy to let you know that this was a lie and that things can be so much more delicious.

Meet the Infusades, friends!

So much more..

...than an iced-tea.

At the heart of the infusion process lays some dazzling natural magic that would make any brain freeze.

The subtle complexity of the plants’ aroma is beautifully captured by clear water when the right plants, temperature and time all come together.

Apart from being delicious, feel free to consider the Infusades trio as the sincere wish to bring back the beauty and complexity of 100% natural infusions at the centre of beverages that are too often oversimplified.

Oh… and last but not least, each Infusades gives kudos to an iconic Swiss Alpine plant.

Now don’t you dare tell us that you don’t want to try it!


assam black tea & citrus

The powerful tannins of black tea paired with the fruity notes of citrus fruits and rosehips from the Swiss Alps .


white tea & swiss alpine mints

The refreshing "low-calorie" combination of Moroccan mint and peppermint, both grown and handpicked in the Pays d'Enhaut (Swiss Prealps).


rooibos & lemon verbena

The theine-free infusades version, or the perfect encounter of lemon verbena from the Swiss mountains and rooibos from the Western Cape region of South Africa.